Digital Health Current Working Models

  • Digital Global Healthcard — Patient Data, Emergency care. Mobile
  • Hello Doctor — Mobile App for follow up of Critical Care Patients.
  • Hallo Health App — For Home Care & Health Tourism.
  • Health Accelerated 2015 Online Consultants opinion
  • Telemedicine SAH linking Airport Patients & Fisherman Centre.
  • Family Doc — APK — for Family Physicians linking with Patients.
  • 104 — Mobile Telehealth unit Hyderabad. Pilot model is working.

Proposals to Government

  • EUPHC — AP State Government
  • iHSummit —Vijayawada, AP — July 2016
  • Telehealth for Railway Passengers. Proposal submitted to Ministry of Railways.
  • Smart Hospital for Vizagapatnam (SAIL) — Proposal submitted to Minister of Mines & Steel

Digital Learning:

My Future Vision

  • For my Hometown, Tuticorin: Rural Health University with Medical Facilities & Health Education services to the Semi Urban and Rural masses of south Tamilnadu.
  • For my country, India: Health must be declared as fundamental right of Indians. Lobbying with Political & Professional leaders to enact "The Health Bill 2010 ", reaching Primary care and Emergency care Free to all citizen of India.
  • Towards developing & under developed countries of Commonwealth: Healthy Commonwealth.
  • Adopting Telehealth to “Reach the unreached”

My Mission

  • Infections free Commonwealth. Effective & Efficient Waste management system for Hospital Waste, Solid Waste, Hazardous Waste, etc – Healthy Environment
  • Control & Prevent Non Communicable Disease epidemic through Diet control, increased Physical activities & Control of Harmful use of alcohol & smoking.
  • Primary Health Care for all. Primary care is the backbone of the Health of Nation. Strengthening & making it reachable to population in the rural & urban areas equally. Secondary & Tertiary care affordable to low and middle income citizen.
  • Life saving drugs & newer introductions in Treatments must be available with quality & affordable cost to the Common man.
  • Accident & Emergency Medical Services to the victims within the Golden Hour.