About Me

Born & brought up in Tuticorin, a semi urban city on the southern coast of India by ambitious parents who gave the Best education to their son to see him as an Effective & Efficient Doctor for the Pearl City. I have fulfilled my parents wish by being a Gold medalist in MD (medicine) and by my professional services over 40 years at Tuticorin as a Senior Physician with special expertise in cardiology & Intensive care.

Started my practice with a 5 Bedded hospital in the name of my affectionate father Late Sri.M.Sundaram Nadar. The public in and around Tuticorin District patronized me fully and depending upon the need, I was able to add-on high Tech Medical Diagnostic and Treatment facilities at the hospital & made Tuticorin as a Mecca of Healthcare for the people of Southern Districts of Tamilnadu.

With the support of the people and professional colleagues, the present Sundaram Arulrhaj Hospital was born to be the first ISO 9001:2000 certified 100 Bedded Cardiac and Multi specialty Hospital with all Tertiary care Medical facilities under one roof.

To satisfy my Academic and Teaching skills I played an active role in the Indian Medical Association and Association of Physicians in India , at Tuticorin, Tamilnadu and finally to the Head Quarters , New Delhi. This elevated me as the Dean of IMA College, NewDelhi for 1996-1998 and further as the National President of IMA 2002-2003. As the National President of IMA I started broadening my vision towards the Public Health of the India and worked with the following:

Vision - Healthy India
Mission – Doctor society friendship

This public Health vision pushed me up to the International arena as Vice President of Commonwealth medical Association 2004-2007 at the meeting in Ghana.

Further commonwealth countries unimously elected me as the President of Commonwealth medical Association for 2007-2010.
First Indian to get this unique honor
This international Position enlarged my vision towards the Health of Developing & under Developing Countries.
Founder & First Chairman of Commonwealth Health Professions Alliance, UK - 2010 – 2014
Founder & Chairman of Commonwealth Medical Association Trust – 2013 onwards

Prevent Dengue & Swine Flu

Prof. Dr. S. Arulrhaj MD., FRCP(G)., Chairman

My Future Vision

  • For my Hometown, Tuticorin: Rural Health University with Medical Facilities & Health Education services to the Semi Urban and Rural masses of south Tamilnadu.
  • For my country, India: Health must be declared as fundamental right of Indians. Lobbying with Political & Professional leaders to enact "The Health Bill 2010 ", reaching Primary care and Emergency care Free to all citizen of India.
  • Towards developing & under developed countries of Commonwealth: Healthy Commonwealth.
  • Adopting Telehealth to “Reach the unreached”

My Mission

  • Infections free Commonwealth. Effective & Efficient Waste management system for Hospital Waste, Solid Waste, Hazardous Waste, etc – Healthy Environment
  • Control & Prevent Non Communicable Disease epidemic through Diet control, increased Physical activities & Control of Harmful use of alcohol & smoking.
  • Primary Health Care for all. Primary care is the backbone of the Health of Nation. Strengthening & making it reachable to population in the rural & urban areas equally. Secondary & Tertiary care affordable to low and middle income citizen.
  • Life saving drugs & newer introductions in Treatments must be available with quality & affordable cost to the Common man.
  • Accident & Emergency Medical Services to the victims within the Golden Hour.